A Standard
Your garage door gives the first impression of your home and by extension you. It offers a standard against which people judge you. This is the reason why it is usually a selling point in real estate marketing.

 Why Curb Appeal?
You do not have to be artistic in nature to appreciate good looks. You could be looking to sell your home or just to create a good first impression. You may want to give your visitors, and by extension passersby, that wow! Alternatively, you may just be intent on selling your house.

 3 Ways Garage Doors Increase Curb Appeal
It may not seem like a big deal but your garage door’s curb appeal gives your home high ratings. Here are some things you can do to your garage door in order to make it serve you with more than one way.

1.Apply a coat of paint
Your garage door may be old with no loss in functionality, but it may have been chipping or fading due to exposure to the sun and harsh weather conditions over the years. You will be amazed at the total makeover that will result with just one coat of paint. You can make fun out of the whole exercise; why not take pictures of the old look before starting to paint?

This will cost you about $50. You can also decide to use a stain in place of paint.

2.Be Unique
You can decide to vary the type of material you use for your garage door. If metal is all over your neighbourhood, you can go for wood or vinyl and vice versa. A different design for your door panels can also do the trick. You can decide to use long garage door  panels instead of square ones or embossed panels. You can also choose to modify the design of your frame.

3.Buy a new door!

You can take a deep dive and invest your bucks in buying a new door. It will increase your curb appeal by more than you can imagine. It will also create an aura of newness. Your home will appear so distinguished and will stand out.
Whatever modifications you decide to undertake make sure they are within the limits set by the homeowners associations in your area. Do your research first before taking any step so that you stay within the allowable limits. Of course, you can consult us at Riverside Garage Door Experts. We will be delighted to be part of the exercise for any garage door repair and other services.