Garage doors are wide thus they are the largest movable part of a house. The garage doors are opened and closed frequently every day thus they need to be constantly maintained to function efficiently. All home owners should have tips on how to maintain their garage doors. If this knowledge is put into practice the garage doors would function properly and there would be no necessity to install new or frequent unnecessary repairs. The maintenance work on garage door may be done after a short interval of time may be after every three months.

Lubricating garage doors Squeaking garage doors should not be wholly lubricated only some parts of the door. A lithium spray or a silicone spray is recommended to lubricate garage door parts such as stems, hinges, top parts of chain rail, the arm bar, metal rollers with ball bearings, nubs and the lock. Not all parts of the garage doors are lubricated. The bottom parts of the door chain rails springs and garage door tracks needs no lubricant thus they should not be sprayed.

Cleaning Garage Door Track Though the garage door tracks are not lubricated, they are to be kept clean and tidy. The tracks of the garage door should be cleaned thoroughly in the inside part with a dump cloth or towel. Another clean dry towel or cloth is used to wipe out. In case of sticky residue on the track, you can use WD 40 Lubricant to remove the stain.

Installing Weather seals installation of garage weather seals helps homeowners save energy and prevents moisture from getting inside the garage. The seals must be applied in between the garage door panels and on the frame of garage door, thus the door is prevented from unnecessary rust. The Garage Door Sensors When the garage door sensors are knocked out of line they cease to work smoothly thus they need to be realigned. Realigning simply needs pushing the sensors in the right position. The right position is when put facing each other. Blinking light from the sensors is an indication that they are incorrectly aligned. After realigning the sensor gives a bright light thus they are okay.

Resetting The Garage Door Opener when the garage door opening and closing becomes dis functional. Closing briefly then automatically opens or the door stops before meeting the bottom part, a reset must be done. Though every garage door system have specific instructions for reset. The common steps are shutting off the power by unplugging the garage door opener, wait for 10 seconds then turn the power back. After the garage door opener is powered back on, the arrow down button must be pressed until the garage door closes completely. The garage door opener must be set this function by pressing set button.

In conclusion, if homeowners follow these 5 steps of garage door maintenance they will save more money. Their garage doors will last longer, they will avoid unnecessary hustles with their garage doors and less need to call on garage door repair. Maintenance takes less time with awesome results.