This blog is going to offer some nice tips on dealing with broken garage door springs, as well as give you a guide on how to make a Bluetooth garage opener and tell you some information about the garage door maintenance and repair services.

Let’s jump right into it! Did your garage door spring just broke and you don’t know what to do? This can help you. Since the spring is one of the most common things that breaks on a garage door, it would be useful to know how to deal with it.

Even though it is better to call a technician, you can open the door with a broken spring yourself. You’ll need a few things: two ladders (to support the weight of the door when it opens), two pieces of pry bars (used as a crowbar tool to pull up rollers), two pairs of mole wrench (used as stoppers when rollers are being raised) and an extra person to help you (since the garage doors are quite heavy).

First, you place one ladder on each side of the garage’s entry. Each person should do one side and position the ladders so they can be grabbed when the roller is opened. Then you must insert pry bars on both sides. Position them on the corner of both sides in between the end of the door and the floor.

Then slowly pull the roller up with the pry bars to open it. Note that it’s going to be heavy and difficult to open! After that, clamp the wrenches on the each end of the roller. Then use both hands to lift up and fully open the door. Place the ladders on each side to avoid dropping the rollers off. That’s it! Just be careful doing it because the doors are heavy and can cause damage or injury. If you are not in a hurry or if you have another car available, it’s best to just buy a new garage door spring and replace it with the broken one, which usually costs around 150 – 250 dollars.

Let’s continue with a Bluetooth garage opener. It is really easy to make one. All you need is a Bluetooth controller and a screwdriver. You can use the Daisy Bluetooth Multi-Thing Controller. You need to connect the Bluetooth controller to the garage door opener with wires, and use a USB power adapter to power the controller. You also need a free Android application called “Daisy On/Off which enables you to open the garage door with your phone.

There are many different companies which offer garage door maintenance and repair services. Most of them offer things like safety inspections, garage door and garage door opener maintenance, replacement of broken or damaged parts, hardware updates and elimination of noises and unpleasant sounds. Most of them also have an annual program, which you can pay for if you want to. The service of course varies from company to company, so it’s best to check the companies close to your home and call the one which offers what you want.