Generally, garage door cables are under extreme amount of pressure. This tension is often applied to the torsion springs. But before fixing the problem, you should find where the problem is. When your garage door cable is not working properly the problem could be with the cables. Although cables problems can be resolved any problem involving the operator will require a visit from professional.

Reasons that can make a can make a cable come off

  • Broken springs; broken springs often remove tension from the cables making them slam to the ground. This is one of the frequent causes of cables coming of pulleys
  • Improper spring tension; this can also cause the cables to slip off. If the springs are too powerful for the door, the cables will slack and come off the pulley.
  • Cable snapped; rusted cables are also much prone to breaking. Any rusted or frayed cable can, therefore, come off the pulley
  • Wrong size drums; installing wrong size drums can cause a garage door cable to slack and slip off the drum. Remember, drums are always sized based on the height of the type of track.

How to fix garage door cables that have come off the pulley

  1. Inspect the track; garage door cable normally operates by moving along the metal tracks on either side. To start your repair process examines the metal track to determine if there is anything that could be hindering the door from opening or closing. The brackets holding the tracks could be loose. If this is the case you can easily tighten them using a wrench. There may be crimps in the metal that can be smoothened using a rubber mallet. Also, ensure that the tracks are clean.
  2. Test whether the cables are working; to do this, completely open the door and disconnect it from the automatic opener. The door should be able to move easily along the track. If the door is difficult to open and close manually there is probably a problem with the cables.
  3. Get the cables back; a problem with the garage door cable could be as simple the cables slipping off the pulley. Open the garage door until it is a few feet off the ground. With vice grips attached to the track, hold the door into place. Climb a ladder to get close to the top of the door and inspect the pulley system. If the cable has come off the pulley system put them back. If this is the issue, check for any wear and tear. This is ideal for garage door opener installation- replacement service.
  4. Replacing the cable; if you see any signs of wear and damage when inspecting your cables replace them immoderately. To do this, remove them from the brackets and loosen the bolts that are holding the wires along the system then purchase new cables and fix them in tee place of old ones. Do not forget to secure them the brackets and tighten the bolts that are holding the wires in place

Always check your cables well to ensure that the problem has been solved by doing a garage door opener installation-replacement service.