gararge door responsibilities

Majority of people use their garage doors as the main entrance to our homes while others consider them as beauty to their homes. The doors serves as a security measure to home. Most people ignore the doors until one of the important part of the door stop working. This leads to the door not locking up and this exposes our homes to some security problems.

It is advisable we check the door regularly and maintain its parts well to ensure that they don’t fail. The most vital parts of the garage door that require maintenance are the garage door opener, spring, roller and the rollers. we must make sure the movable parts are lubricated to prevent wearing out. Also we should replace the broken parts like garage door spring or cable . Riverside garage door experts offers all those garage door repair services.
The door opener does most of the work and we must make sure all its part are in good condition. When your opener stops functioning, the cause and the solution will be given by our experts who will advice you accordingly. The opener may require a simple adjustment to the existing to the existing parts and would require no additional parts.

The garage door opener has a worm gear and drive shaft which rotates the sprocket that is attached to the top of the drive shaft. This turns the chain and the door will move thus open or closes. If one of the those parts fails the door will malfunction and this will make your home insecure because the garage will be left open. Thus we should make sure the gear and the shaft are working and well maintained for our security purposes. If they are worn out or broken you should contact us and we will send our technicians to replace the parts. The safety beams and also the photo eye are another essential parts of a garage door opener. We install safety beam and the photo eye in your doors to protect your children and even pets or anyone who would be approaching a closing garage door. The photo eye senses an object coming towards the door and stops it from closing. This happens because it consists of two sensors which are situated at the side of the door, six inches from the ground. A beam is directed by one sensor to the other. If an object comes into contact with the beam, the sensor breaks the circuit preventing the door from closing. This prevents injuries that would be caused by the closing garage door.

For your safety we advice you to install an automatic door opener because its more secure due to the various security measures invented such as the programmed remotes. It is also convenient because you don’t have to alight your car in order to open the garage door thus you are secure even if you come home at late night unlike the manual garage door. At Riverside garage door experts we make sure we give our customers the best repair services. We operate on a daily basis and respond to your calls quickly and also offer lifetime warrants to our doors products the we install.