The best Liftmaster garage door opener system is a belt drive system. This opener has two key safety features. One is the photo electronic eye and the other is an auto reverse. This system comes highly recommended as the 3.Liftmaster garage door opener maintenance is quite simple to carry out without having to call experts.

You should test these things at least once every couple of months. A photo electronic safety sensor detects objects in the path of the door. It is installed near the ground along the door tracks.

3 Liftmaster garage door opener maintenance wouldn’t be complete without these tests.

For a professional installation of course the garage door opener is just one part of the equation. You should also be able to easily inspect and lubricate the garage door as well. The 3 Liftmaster garage door opener maintenance works in tandem with the garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your garage door comes down to 3 key steps: Cleaning, safety and the lubricating. Start your garage door maintenance by cleaning the exterior of your door with detergent water.

You should do this once a year or more if you live in a salt air climate. Once it’s washed rinse it with a hose. Now if your door is wood it might need a little extra TLC. So, in addition to cleaning you should inspect your door at least once a year to see if it needs to be repainted or stained.

It is also a good idea to do a safety check every few months or so to make sure that your rollers, hinges and tracks are operating properly. Keep in mind that torsion springs are under high tension so if they need to be replaced or repaired it might be advisable to consult a trained technician.

Do a visual inspection on all the cables, brackets, springs, rollers and hinges. Make sure all the bolts are tight and if you find anything that’s worn, have it replaced. Next, check the door balance. If you have a garage door opener, disconnect it from the power supply, then disengage the door from the opener and raise it to about waist level and release slowly.

If the door raises or lowers it is not balanced properly and needs to be adjusted by a trained technician. Now lubricate the doors, hinges, springs and bearings. Typically you want to use a non silicon-based lubricant. If your door rollers are metal you can lubricate these as well but you never want oil to come in contact with nylon rollers.

You also don’t want to oil the tracks because it can cause the door to slip and become unbalanced. If you should get a build up of dirt in the track just clean them with brake parts cleaner. Now, if your door should need some repairs check your owner’s manual or contact a trained technician for help.

The 3.Liftmaster garage door opener maintenance is one of the simplest to carry out, just remember to be safe.