A noisy garage door can often be exasperating. It offers no discretion as people go in and out of their garages. This is why it is essential for Riverside residents to get in touch with a competent garage door repair company that can inspect doors and provide solutions. Maintaining a garage door is an affordable and worthwhile activity that aims at keeping the door secure and reliable.

Different parts of the garage door can make it noisy. If something is wrong with the door, it will need repair by an expert. The mechanical system of a garage door is complex. Only professionals should handle it to prevent damage of property and physical injuries.

Various Causes of Noisy Doors

  • One of the important aspects of door operations is the garage door opener. The different types of openers are belt, chain, and screw drives. Chain openers are generally noisier than the rest, but are popular for their durability.
  • Chains require lubrication that will reduce the amount of noise produced. Screw drives and belt drives are quiet, but they can also become noisier over time. The main advantage of a belt drive is that it requires low maintenance and produces the least amount of sound among the three openers. A defective opener may be responsible for the noise and a technician should repair it.
  • Garage doors that do not balance properly will be noisy and will not operate smoothly. It is important to test the balance of the door to ensure that it is stable. Without the right kind of balance, the door will not function.
  • Worn out hinges and springs can cause the door to produce a sound that is not normal. They will move against each other with excessive force and cause the noise. Such parts may need lubrication or replacing.

All parts of the garage door should be tightly in place. An inspection will make it possible to detect any worn out components that require a replacement. Moving parts need spraying with a proper type of lubricant that is suitable for this purpose.