Home security is paramount to any home owner. Garages door mechanics are keeping up with the technology advancement. A keypad system allows you to operate your garage door by entering a code only known to you. The small wireless devices can be mounted inside or outside the garage wall allowing you to operate the garage door without the handheld garage remote. They have become quite common due to their super stylish features. Most of the upcoming properties have incorporated these systems due to their convenience and ease in use. Installing the keypad garage door opener is quite easy. Although older properties use the manually operated doors , it is possible to upgrade some. It is a challenge and hectic to push and pull the manual garage doors, especially for the older people and the physically challenged. Even though they are increasingly becoming popular, it is wise first to understand the Pros & Cons of Keypad Garage Door Opener.


Convenience and ease in use

There are no keys or remote controls, unlike the conventional ways. You just operate your garage door by entering a pin code. There are no more cases of keys or remote loss especially with the young ones who normally lose home keys. Saves time calling professional companies in case of a key loss. The keypad garage door opener greatly benefits the ageing adults and the physically disabled as well.

Better security

You are assured of high security since you are the only one who knows the code; it can be difficult for unauthorised people to get into your property. The system is not easily hacked by petty criminals.

Additional Features

In the event of emergencies, these keypad systems can be programmed with distress codes that can be employed to call the police or extra emergency res ponders.

Low maintenance

These systems have zero maintenance. All you need to do is just to check that the batteries are still working and change them often.

Multiple usage

It serves all the family members well because no need for a remote control tool which one person can have at a time. It benefits the kids who arrive home before their parents or other family members. They just need to know the code.


Requires electricity

Even though the keypads run on the batteries, the whole system requires electricity to function. These systems should not be used as primary garage systems in places where power outages are constant.

Less battery life

The batteries seem to drawn easily, and they require constant replacement. Also, there is no battery indicator to show you when to change the battery; you will only know when you use it.

Possibility of Hacking

The system can be complex to hack for a petty thief, but a sophisticated hacker could cut the wires or panelling thus accessing the system.


This system can be far from reach for most folks, they are rather costly.

Remembering the code and keeping it secret

The code has to be known to access the system. It can be a challenge for older people who are very forgetful. The code also has to be kept a secret; children need to be warned and constantly reminded against sharing the code.

Incompatibility and complexity 

Due to increased technicality, it is complex and costly to garage door repair . Expertise will be needed. It is also a challenge to incorporate the keypad garage door opener in traditional garage doors. The doors have to be replaced altogether.

From the outlined Pros & Cons of Keypad Garage Door Opener, it is your choice to know what is best for you. If you can afford, then the system could be ideal for you. The keypad systems are the best alternative to keys and garage door remote controls since they are easily lost. Keypad garage door opener is also convenient in use and serve the whole family. No more turning the house upside down looking for keys