Get same day Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Services in Riverside. The garage door opener is not a complicated piece of machinery, but it does have enough moving components that can wear out and break overtime. Regardless of the manufacturer garage door opener, require some repairs at some point. There are numerous reasons why a garage door opener might fail to function.

If you have lately been noticing your garage door opener, has been performing less than ideal work over time. Have you noticed the decline in efficiency, as well as the occasional sticking of the door? Have the mechanical parts of your garage door opener stopped working completely? It is time to find a repair company in your neighbourhood. Below are some common ailments with the garage door opener. If not checked by a qualified technician, it will eventually kill it.

Check for Faulty tracks: If the door opener tracks are misaligned. The tracks will cause the door not to roll up and down smoothly and evenly. The whole point of having the tracks is to put the least amount of resistance on the door opener motor unit. If the tracks have been damaged or become uneven, bad pressure will be put on the garage door opener. This extra resistance is very bad on the opener motor and will ultimately burn it out.

Most opener burnouts are caused by this simple issues. An expert will make sure your tracks are stable and aligned to minimise door resistance. Tracks are made of aluminium or steel tracks and brackets that are adjustable. If the track is wiggling or shifting the repairs should be performed by an experienced garage door opener expert.

Broken chains: Loose or broken chain is another common garage door opener killer. Regular maintenance on the chain, will help your garage door motor to last for I long time. If the chain is too loose, it will cause the opener motor to slip and get out of its rhythm. If the chain has slipped and the door opens faster than normal the opener will continue to turn according to its timer. If the opener motor continues to run once its open you will burn out the motor because, it’s like pushing a car in front of a brick wall. A licensed technician in Riverside will perform all the repair work.

Worn out or broken coil springs: Springs are very dangerous to maintain by yourself. It’s recommended your call in a professional to do the repair work because, of the great amount of pressure being contained in the springs. A Riverside expert says that, spring replacement should be done 5-7 years. The safest and best plan is to have a garage door repair service in Riverside come and inspect them after every 2 years.

Old garage door opener: One thing most garage door owners are not aware of is that, if your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993. The law requires you replace it. All openers manufactured after that year are required by law to have safeguards features in place such as, the automatically reverse if an obstruction is detected.

Finally, if you have small children or pets around your home, you may want to consider replacing your opener with a modern opener. Riverside certified technicians have fully stocked trucks. That’s means, we have all the tools and components we need to repair or replace your garage door. Your garage and time is important. Therefore don’t waste it waiting for a repair guy to show-up.