Taking some time out of your schedule to carry out an inspection of your garage door will ease the process of repairing your door. Our team of technicians at Riverside Garage Door Experts is available to test the mechanical system of your garage door and guide you on how often you need to maintain it.

garage door maintenance and repair

The garage door is a moving object and it is large. It requires regular maintenance carried out consistently to ensure that it works properly. There are different aspects of garage door maintenance that need consideration.

  • Parts of the garage door should get regular lubrication using the right kind of lubricant. Lubrication helps to alleviate the problem of a noisy garage door. Lubricants that contain silicone or lithium are the ideal choice. The application of these lubricants should in moderation on the moving components of the door. Our professional technicians will help you determine which parts require lubrication and those that do not.
  • The garage door track should always be as clean as possible. When dirt and debris piles up on the track, it will not function properly. The dirt will cause it to stick and become noisier. The only way to get rid of the problem is by cleaning it using a dampened cloth and wiping it down until it is completely dry. If the track has too much hardened dirt on it, it may be necessary to use a solvent. The solvent will effectively dissolve the pile up of grease.
  • The sensors of the garage door need proper alignment or else they will not work. It is possible for the sensors to fall out of alignment. Realigning the sensors aims at ensuring that their position is such that they will be face to face. This ensures that the lights function fully and the sensors are sensitive enough.
  • If your garage door does not open or close all the way your garage door opener may be defective. It may need replacing or resetting depending on what the problem is.
  • Make sure that moisture does not find its way into your garage by installing high quality weather seals that provide protection.