Garage door control panels make up the most important parts of a garage door. This is why their proper functionality is essential for not only security purposes but also for the proper functionality of a garage.

Are you having trouble troubleshooting your garage door panel? Well, worry no more. I have outlined a step by step guide that will help resolve your control panel issues.

How to troubleshoot a garage door control panel

Do a test to isolate the issues with the control panel.

Remove the white and even the red wires for the control panel from the motor unit at the back. The wires should be found on the exact same side as hanging antennas.

However, take note of the following;

Avoid disconnecting the wires for Safety Reversing Sensors. There is no need to replace or disconnect the wires for Safety Reverse Sensors

Make use of the jumper wire for jumping. Create a connection between white and red wire terminals on the Motor Unit.

In case the opener fails to activate itself using jumper wire, then just replace the receiver Logic Board. 0n the other hand, if it does activate using jumper wire, then reconnect the red and white wires for the control panel and proceed to the third step.

However, you can also use an extra wire piece to connect the control panel directly to the door opener. Test the control panel. In case it works, replace the wires. If it does function not, then replace the control.

You need to verify that there is absolutely no excess wire connected to screw terminals on the control panel at the back. Bare wires are very risky. Any of them touching the garage door circuit board can result into a short on the circuit board.

Check to ensure that screw terminals located on the back of your wall-mounted door control panel are properly tightened enough to help hold wires in their place. However, make sure they are not overly tightened

Lastly, remove red and white wires from the back of the garage door control. Touch both the wires closely together. If you follow the steps correctly, then you garage door control panel will function promptly. Take Note that the wires are low voltage hence getting in touch with the exposed ends is very safe.If the door opener activates immediately after touching bare ends of the wires closely together, then replace the garage door control panels. If the garage door opener does not activate even after touching the bare ends of the wires closely together, then replace the wires.

The remote control system might still work even when the control panel doesn’t. The color of the control wires can also vary if the home had been pre-wired or not. However, if the light flash but the garage door does not close even when you are pushing the button, then safety sensors are obstructed. Call a technician to fix this for you. It is advisable to also follow the above steps when troubleshooting the garage door control panels to ensure their proper functionality and long-term use.