When your garage door opener is not working the way it should, you would have to be blind to not take notice. This does not mean you should go into a serious panic mode – use the elimination technique to zero in on possible problems. For instance, if you notice that the control pad is not lighting up or that the operator motor gives an unusual sound, you know where you have to start your investigation.

Follow the symptoms and they will probably lead you to a cure or at least offer you the exact cause which you can then report to a professional in Riverside for assistance.

The car remote is not working

Try to activate the garage door through the wall unit; if it responds, check your remote batteries and contacts. Batteries could be dead or the contact could be dirty. Some remotes will flash an error code, which you can then look up in your user manual. If these steps fail, remove the batteries and turn off the wall socket for about 30 seconds to reboot both the systems.

The wall unit isn’t working

If you can engage the garage door opener using your car remote but not the wall unit, there could be a possible disconnection at the power source. Replace the batteries if the wall unit is battery operated or check that it is plugged in to an outlet that works. If these steps do not help, try to locate any possible damage e.g. broken wires and let your technician know what you have done and what the results were.

Next, you should rule out electrical faults by examining your circuit box. Replace a burnt fuse or turn a tripped circuit breaker back on – it will be out of line with the others. If these steps fail, turn the breaker off for a minute and then turn it back on to reset the connection. If you see a problem that is beyond you, contact a qualified garage door repair technician in Riverside.

The garage door stopped mid-process

Safety sensors are most likely the culprit. Find them on either sides of the garage door and confirm that each is beaming – one red, the other green. If either light is missing, check for objects obstructing the sensors and remove it. Clean the surface of the sensors and ensure they align well. Attempt to open or close the door again.

A few more common problems

  1. Garage door cannot close completely – the close limit switch needs adjustment. Try to manually raise and close the door to see if it works properly.
  2. Garage door hits the floor, then again moves up covering some distance – adjust the close limit switch.
  3. Garage door reverses before hitting the floor – adjust the close force button.
  4. Garage door fails to open completely – check if the limit switch has moved towards the motor unit.
  5. Motor does not stop running even when the door is fully open – the limit switch is too close to the motor unit, move it further away.